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Leadership & Managing Change


With over 30 years in an executive leadership role, Paul is able to share experiences which are founded on first hand case studies delivering authentic insights. 

A keynote on leadership would include discussing leadership values and the impact on culture, establishing an effective leadership team, including "managing up" and "managing down", and importantly, discussing the key characteristics of leadership.

Working with Growing Organizations

The biggest risk to an entrepreneur is "success”, and how quickly the entrepreneurs biggest strength can become their biggest weakness. 

Working with the management team to establish a strategic business plan that manages growth, focusing on client retention/growth, new business, M&A options, structure and talent management, delivering a satisfactory financial performance.

Leaders and Leadership Teams

Working with executive management, Paul will help connect the leader with the leadership team.

The leader will establish the vision, the leader will assemble a leadership team that can deliver on the vision. 

The leader to share the vision, to assign roles and responsibilities to the team, to delegate down, allowing the team to accept ownership and accountability. 

The next step is to mentor/work with the team members, helping them understand their roles and responsibilities, ensuring they have the tools to get things done. 

Critical to ensure that the leader is able to manage down effectively and that the team can manage up productively.